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Supplying Files

We want the same thing you want. We want your graphic files to print without a hiccup and look the best just the way you meant them to be. Whatever your print and design experience, whether you are a beginner or highly experienced, please make sure that you take the time to read the guide in full before you start designing. It is the best way to ensure that you do not suffer any delays, additional costs or heartache.

PDF Format

You can supply a number of different file types as listed in our file supply guide, like PDFs, high res, JPGs or TIFs. You will get better results submitting your files as vector based PDFs. This will make sure your lines and text are sharp and crisp. If you are working with Microsoft Office software please convert your file to a PDF before sending it to us.

When you upload your file we will validate it so that it works with our systems and if we encounter any problems we will let you know and offer you advice on how to correct it.

File Pre-Print Check

Our detailed pre-print checking is a unique and highly regarded part of our service. Checking is prescribed on a minority of products and optional (but highly recommended) on the remainder. When you opt for your file to be pre-print checked it will be reviewed by an experienced designer and checked by our proof readers.

We check for

If in doubt or you want us to design your print job please call us on 01738 622974

Graphic Design Services

At Danscot Limited we have a team of experienced graphic designers who want to help you get the most out of your print. Whatever the project let our designers put their imagination to the test and create something special for you.

However out of the ordinary the product is, our team can help with the creativity whether it be following your instructions or having carte blanche. Even if you need your brand for social media purposes our team can create the files you need.

With a team of graphic designers who have a wealth of experience and knowledge we can help you represent your message or business visually. Whether you are needing a flag, an embroidered hoody, an umbrella or as simple as a printed pen it could take you a while doing it yourself. We understand that time is of the essence and we are experienced in getting your message across.

Together we can produce what is required, desired or needed to promote you or your business professionally or personally.