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Terms and Conditions

1. 123 Promotional is an online trading name for Danscot Limited. Goods refers to the things / articles covered in the contract between the purchaser and Danscot Limited.

2. Our conditions of trade are deemed to be incorporate into our contract terms for sales of goods - and also where there is any order or contract form inconsistency, sent by our customer to Danscot Limited. The provision of our trading conditions will prevail, regardless of respective dates, unless variance is expressed in writing, and approved with a director's signature for Danscot Limited.

3. Even where Danscot Print has provided a detailed quotation for work, no purchaser order is binding on Danscot Print unless - and until - it is accepted in writing by Danscot Limited.

4. Dates or times provided for the completion of goods of delivery will be binding on Danscot Limited, as far as Danscot Limited will provide additional work for the customer to double the print value element of any order which isn't supplied during agreed timescales. Liability will not extend to any delays which are beyond Danscot Limited's control. This includes proof approval delays, carrier non-performance, delays to paper and card stock drying times, and exceptional events, such as in the weather. Any other 'force majeure' will also apply, without prejudice to the generality of forgoing defects in files of information omissions.

5. According to the nature of goods supplied, no redeemable value is applicable, and no credits or refunds for goods that have been supplied correctly will be entertained.

6. All goods must be fully paid for at the point of order. No goods will be dispatched to the customer, and collection will be prevented, until payment has occurred, and in full. Prices provided will be exclusive of VAT and this will be applied at the necessary rate.

7. Any defects or shortcomings in the goods we supply must be flagged up to Danscot Limited, within three days of receipt. These goods will be returned to Danscot Limited for check and inspection. Nothing in our terms will impose liability on Danscot Limited in terms of any goods defects which arise from the omissions, acts, default or negligence of the customer, or its agents or servants. This includes storage and handling or the goods and errors contained within the supplied artwork files.

Nothing herein will exclude or restrict the liability of Danscot Limited, for personal injury of death arising from negligence (insofar as is prohibited by British statute), or under sections 12-15 of the 1979 Sale of Goods Act, to a buyer who deals with a customer (governed under the Unfair Contract Terms Act of 1977, section two.)

8. Danscot Limited will not be liable for claims, costs or damage that arise from omission, act or tort or breach of statutory duty or contract, calculated by income production, reference to profits or loss or accruals, or by reference to claim, accrual of such, expenses (on a time basis) or damages.

9. Danscot Limited's liability to the buyer for any damage or loss of any nature, whatsoever and howsoever caused, will be limited to, and not exceed the good's price.

At Danscot Limited we work hard to make sure we supply perfect quality print. In the unlikely event of our work being unacceptable due to a Danscot Print shortcoming, we will make the job good, such as by providing an urgent reprint. We will not credit and reprint the same job.

10. If the purchaser is in breach of their contractual obligations, Danscot Print reserve the right to suspend further goods deliveries without any notice, until the purchaser's defaults have been remedied.

11. No description, statement, warranty, information or recommendation within any price list, catalogue, communication, or advert - or made verbally by staff or agents of Danscot Limited - can be construed to vary, override or enlarge our conditions in any way.

12. If Danscot Limited chooses to make any concessions to the purchaser, or offer latitude, this will not affect our contractual rights. If any of these conditions are held to be invalid in any case, or do not apply to our contract, other conditions will continue to full effect and force.

13. Upon receipt and review of artwork, and at our sole discretion, Danscot Limited reserves the right to decline a print job that it deems inappropriate.

Payments made for such rejected work will be refunded to the customer in full.

14. In line with our published environmental policies, our jobs will always be produced with minimal overs. This may on occasion lead to shortfalls.

Those shortfalls that add up to 10% will be remedied by pro-rata credit notes against any future orders.

15. This contract will be governed according to Scottish law in all respects.

It shall be deemed to have been created in Scotland, and Danscot Limited and the purchase agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the UK court system.

16. Any print promotion that is offered by Danscot Limited will apply to our product range (standard range) only, and not to any bespoke orders or requests.

17. Danscot Limited will not take responsibility for short deliveries on consignment (e.g. missing boxes) or damaged goods, which have been accepted by the purchaser and signed for as being satisfactory and complete upon delivery.